Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 10, 2016

Are you noticing that resistance results in great discomfort in record time now? This is your soul’s internal guidance system working so very efficiently for you, as well as the universe only supporting forward movement. Where just a few years ago you may have been able to stay in a resistant state for weeks and months, you are now finding it impossible to resist beyond hours and days. What a glorious indicator of your dedication to your growth and evolution!

Resistance is what puts the brakes on your flow. It is what stalls your growth and progress, and holds you back from the freedom your soul needs to express itself through. How wonderful that it is simply not an option for you any longer!

So pay attention, Dear Ones. Your organism is loudly screaming at you which direction it does not wish to take, so you can find the one that is. Be the expert on you. Allow yourself to redirect back into surrender and flow with ease. Be grateful your feedback is coming so quickly you can readjust in record time. And most of all, trust that you are being guided, always, internally and externally, towards the next great adventure of your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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