Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 12, 2014

The ego self, the part that seeks to keep you small and separate, has no interest in your enlightenment at all, and will actively block stepping into your authentic power and truth in order to preserve its own leadership position in your life. The ego itself, is an essential part of the human experience. It is only problematic when it is blocking your growth and expansion, which it frequently does, particularly to those beginning on a spiritual path.

There is a belief that those of masculine energy have more ego than those who are of feminine energy. This is not necessarily the case. Ego presents just as strong in females, just in a different way. The male ego says, “Look at me! I am more special than everyone else!” The female ego says, “Don’t look at me! I am not as special as everyone else!” Make no mistake about it, both are strong manifestations of the ego perpetuating separation consciousness and blocking expansion, truth and highest purpose. (Of course, both male and female can have experiences with both of these, and other manifestations of ego such as fear and doubt, as well – the above is merely a common example.)

So, Dear Ones, remember your true agenda, to grow and expand, to shine brightly in your truth and divinity, and recognize anything that seeks to block that is the least empowered part of yourself trying to sabotage your efforts in its desperate bid to retain control. ~Archangel Gabriel

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