Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 18, 2015

What is the one thing you worry most about? We are sure you have taken a considerable amount of time looking at this issue many different ways, trying many different approaches to heal it. If you have done every last thing you can think of, rather than going around the loop once again, why not surrender it to Source? Why not say, “Okay, Source, I’ve done everything I could possibly think of and I’m still stuck. Please take this situation and resolve it.”

You see, if you have been going around and around the same issue without relief, it is obvious that the solution exists beyond what is in your scope of awareness. It would already be healed if your efforting was the answer. Allow us to move it into vaster and greater potentials than you may be aware of.

Much like moving an unusually difficult situation through different employees in a company until you find an expert that can resolve it, why not let us be your problem resolution specialists? We have a vastly different vantage point to see the fastest way to move you past your perceived blockage into the satisfaction you seek. It is always our greatest pleasure to serve you because our only wish for you is to shine, thrive and experience your life to the fullest. So surrender, Dear Ones, and allow us to flow you into the resolution you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel

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