Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 27, 2013

Have you ever noticed how wonderful a love relationship is in the beginning? You are freshly in love, you adore every single little thing about the other, and you feel like you are floating around all day long because you are existing in the high, pure energies of it all. And then, slowly over time, the feeling subsides, and before you know it, every little thing the other person does starts to annoy you. You even have a name for it, “the bloom is off the rose”, you say. Then many people start to make sharing their annoyance with their partner their favourite pastime, spouting off about their many flaws as soon as they get near anyone who will listen. Many in your society just accept this is the way love goes, and stay in this energy until they simply cannot stand one another and decide to divorce. Do you know why this happens, Dear Ones? It has everything to do with gratitude. In the beginning of your relationship, you can’t believe you found that person, and your heart sings with gratitude and appreciation for each moment. As time goes on, it is the gratitude that fades away, and slowly you begin to focus on what you do not care for in the person, and through your focus on what you do not want, you start to get more and more of it. You often hear partners lament, “He just doesn’t appreciate me.” If your relationship is not working for you, we highly encourage you start looking for all the things that are right within that relationship and practicing appreciation for them. You will be astounded at the difference it can make. ~Archangel Gabriel

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