Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 15, 2014

The idea that you are powerless in any way is completely false. This is an old belief system that was perpetuated long ago when leaders sought complete and total control over the masses. It was a fear based structure that sought to keep people disempowered and small. This is based in the old separation consciousness that is no longer being supported and that you are evolving beyond.

Because of this old misuse of power, many of you dislike the idea of power, thinking it will launch you straight into ego, that you are not worthy of it, that you may misuse it, or you do not want the responsibility. It is not your authentic power you fear, it is the old false power model, which you are in no way aligned with.

Your authentic power, your truth, has nothing in common with the old power structures. Authentic power seeks to empower all. It supports growth, unity, fairness, equality, harmony, peace and unconditional love. It holds the space for everyone to grow and to bloom. It encourages and uplifts.

Embracing your authentic power allows you to step into your divine truth and to become an empowered creator of all you wish to experience. It holds your healing, your abundance, your balanced love relationships, your highest visions of what you would like to see on your beloved planet.

Do you see? Do not shy away from your authentic power, your enlightenment, Dear Ones! The whole world is waiting for each and every one of you to embrace it because it is from there true and lasting change will occur. You are more than ready. ~Archangel Gabriel

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