Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 28, 2015

We have spoken about switching your focus to start acknowledging and celebrating the many aspects around you that are positive and desired. Such a habit will create deep satisfaction with your circumstances. Now we suggest you take it one step further. We suggest you take the same principles and apply them to yourselves.

Not only have you been conditioned to live life on high alert for what you do not want, you have taken that practice used it against yourselves, as well. Such a practice will ensure you will never feel good enough, and prevent you from feeling the joy and love that comes from true self expression. The amount of negative self talk we see humans direct at themselves is nothing short of complete and utter abuse.

Dear Ones, you are magnificent beings, each and every one of you! We urge you to start seeing that truth. Look at your bodies and celebrate them for being the miraculous systems they truly are. Thank your body for working so tirelessly for you, and for so beautifully and efficiently housing your soul and giving you such a vast array of ways to experience being present on your planet. Acknowledge your hands that caress with care, your hearts that swell with love, your beautiful brains that assess and learn and remember, and all of your amazing senses.

See all the ways you make a difference to others and the world! A positive word, a thoughtful gesture, every time you allow yourself to shift into a higher vibration, every mindful choice you make, all create vibrational waves of love. You are doing such a magnificent job in all that you do, you are driving an unprecedented shift on your planet! Your personality traits and your talents are unique, and delightful, and add tremendously to the fabric of the whole.

Why not start to be on high alert for all the ways you are wonderful and amazing, Dear Ones? If you do, combined with seeking to see what is right in your world, you will experience such a deep, joyful satisfaction for who you are and where you are, that you will truly start to experience heaven on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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