Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 23, 2014

For as long as humans have walked the earth, they have been focused on creating some level of comfort for themselves and then fighting mightily to resist any change to that state. This mode of operation was created from times of lack and danger, where survival was the most important goal on the human’s mind.

You have all evolved such an incredible amount from that time! Because of that huge evolution, you are ready to do things differently. You are ready to live beyond the powerlessness of living unconsciously with a huge fear of the unknown, to living consciously and creating lives far beyond what humans have lived on your planet thus far. The main ingredients to doing so is to start to embrace conscious creation and the idea that change is a welcome and delightful thing.

Moving from resistance to change due to fear, to embracing change due to empowerment, is the most pivotal shift your planet will ever see because it is through the conscious creation of change you will finally anchor the unconditional love, peace, unity and harmony you seek on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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