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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 31, 2019

Everything goes in cycles, and each cycle contains elements that serve you well for whichever energetic phase you are in. There is great wisdom in opening up and embracing whatever phase you are in with appreciation, faith, and trust, for by doing so you will harness its benefits with the utmost grace and ease.

Change and expansion are the nature of the universe. Know that each phase only lasts exactly as long as it serves you, not one moment longer. If you can take a broader perspective, you will understand that each perfectly prepares you for the next, and combined they create a model for wonderful, supported, and balanced forward movement.

So trust, Dear Ones. Know that you are part of a process that is incredibly intelligent and designed to love you forward.  It is through your faith and trust, accepting and allowing, that you will find the greater peace you seek through it all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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