Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 16, 2016

Dear Ones, you are in a time of energetic trial and error right now. You are going to try things that used to work, and find that they simply will not work any longer. This is wonderful news! This is proof of the evolution that is going on right before your very eyes.

We understand that many of you are so very diligent you find it particularly distressing if you make a “mistake”. We suggest you take the pressure off yourselves immediately and exchange the need for perfection with the idea that you are in the midst of experimentation.

Experimentation comes with the understanding that many things you try may not work, but you are still focused on forward movement. It is a far more easy going approach that is far less pressured and less dependant upon perfection.

Experimentation is much like first trying to put together a puzzle. You understand you will try many pieces until you find the magical combination that comes together with ease. You know you will create a thing of beauty, one piece at a time, and that beautiful result is indeed the highest potential of all the different pieces you have to work with.

So be easy with yourselves. Feel free to try new things, or to try old things in new ways. Understand it is a process of unfoldment, not something you need to master and perfect your first try. It is through letting go of what does not work that you can discover what does, and that is all part of the excitement of playing in brand new combinations of energies you have never experienced before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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