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Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 8, 2023

You may think of co-creation as asking the universe for something and then receiving it. Identifying a desire and being ready to receive are certainly components of manifestation but there is so much more to it than that. You continue to cooperate with the process by staying in the flow while using your patience, faith, and trust to hold the space long enough for the required elements to take on form in a way that is both satisfying and sustainable.

Do you see? You are co-creating with the universe but also co-creating with the manifestation itself. It is your job to encourage your desire into life, giving it all the time, space, and support it needs until it is ready to be birthed into your physical reality in its highest expression. By putting your intention out to the universe the answer is an automatic yes and then the baton is passed to you for you to be the mother or father of your own creation. We highly recommend you do not neglect or abandon your creation before it has a chance to be born but rather nurture it with care and anticipation until its gestation is complete and it is fully sustainable in form. It is then the joy of meeting in the physical can occur. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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