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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 11, 2022

Most of you have been raised in a critical world where you have been judged and corrected most of your lives. Your parents and your teachers thought they were doing well by pointing out what you were doing wrong, but in many cases this approach was out of balance and didn’t focus equally on everything that you were doing beautifully. If nothing was said you were doing ok, so you have become used to your only feedback being negative feedback.

As adults you have accepted this as the way to handle yourself and continue to do it to this day. You feel like you are doing a good job of managing yourself and your growth if you are always on high alert for what is wrong with you.

But the problem with this is being hard on yourself cannot get you where you wish to go. Berating yourself and constantly judging yourself only keeps you in a triggered and frozen state because you will constantly be feeding fear and doubt within yourself. It will erode your self confidence and make you want to contract rather than expand and grow.

The truly great influences on your life are the ones that see you in your truth and encourage you forward into your greatest potential. Isn’t it time you do that for yourself? If you realize that your harsh treatment of yourself simply cannot get you where you wish to go, isn’t it time to release that old, ineffective and cruel habit once and for all?

Isn’t it time to become a safe space for yourself so you can step forward with all the love and support you need to shift into your fullest expression of self? Isn’t it time to show the world how you deserve to be treated by holding the energy of self love, self acceptance, and self respect? Isn’t it time to be a teacher by example for your children so the old system of self abuse will never be carried forward into the next generations? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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