Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 13, 2015

For many, many years love and power have been intertwined in the human experience, and both have been misrepresented in many ways. As you have been evolving beyond the model of conditional love, you have also been evolving beyond the model of false power – both of which were designed to perpetuate separation.

Is it not interesting that as you get clarity about what power is and is not, and what love is and is not, you are naturally moving into the energies of authentic power and unconditional love? Can you see how embracing your truth and authenticity helps you discover the love that you are? Can you see how, as you embrace the love that you are, your authentic power leads the way?

Can you see how profound it is that you are, more and more, embodying exactly what is required to move into the unity consciousness that is the signature of the Shift you are creating? What an amazing and glorious time on your planet, as you shrug off centuries of conditioning and finally, bravely and mindfully, allow yourselves to embody your truth as empowered beings of love. ~Archangel Gabriel

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