Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 8, 2013

Dear Ones, a great many of you have had trouble reconciling two pivotal aspects with your spirituality. The first was money. You have been conditioned to believe that money is dirty and that money and spirituality don’t mix. The second is your sexuality. You have been taught that sex is dirty and should only be used for procreation and that sex and spirituality don’t mix. So the enlightening human beings are having to re-examine their beliefs in both of these critical areas. Using money, or sex, or any other energy for that matter, as a means of feeding the ego, or keeping yourself separate from Source and out of your highest alignment, is obviously not supporting you in being your highest expression of self. But using money to support the whole, to better allow you to be of your highest service is completely in line with being a human being of light, as is using your sexuality to connect open-heartedly with a beloved as a pure expression of love and unity consciousness. Can you see? Two vital aspects of the human condition had been deemed bad and dirty by those who sought to keep you uncomfortable and small. You are on the planet to have the full life expression, Dear Ones! Do not be afraid to experience what feels right to you. You are the creators of the New Earth and you are re-writing the human experience to include empowerment, comfort and self expression in ways that support and honour the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

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