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Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 14, 2018

Do you find yourself secretly wishing to be rescued in some way?  The desire to be rescued from yourself is letting you know two things. First, that is an area of your life that is inviting you to step into your authentic power. It is also a cry from your inner child for healing, safety, reassurance, and guidance from you in that area. (The desire to be rescued in some way is what makes people seek authoritarian leaders. Authoritarian leaders know this, so they will often feed fear or people’s illusion of powerlessness in order to maintain their position. As people shift into being willing to embrace their own authentic power, you will see your world leaders change as a reflection of this change in consciousness.)

As you have learned from your journey thus far, the whole process is about coming Home to yourself, to your love, to your truth, and embracing your divine capability. The good news is, you have done so much work the areas still looking for your love and attention are becoming rarer, and when they come up it is more informative than it is triggering. You are all doing an outstanding job, moving and growing in these unprecedented energies! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s note:  Just to be clear, this message is about wanting to abdicate power in your own life, not about situations that are life-threatening and require emergency intervention. I hope you will all join me in sending prayers, love, and support to those affected by the wildfires in California, and other places on the earth that are currently in crisis. I’m also sending extra love, support, and deep respect to those who so bravely step up to be of service during such incredibly difficult times. You are all true heroes.

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