Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 18, 2020

Many of you become frustrated if you do not see forward movement in your lives. We wish for you to know that growth and expansion is always occurring, and just like the flow, sometimes you will see it as a tangible physical manifestation while other times it will be happening behind the scenes within you.

With your spiritual growth the expansion is internal first, then the resulting external reflection of that work will follow. As with all things in the universe, it is the combination of the two that create sustainable and balanced forward movement.

You can have ease with this process because the rhythm of the universe is very predictable. A long period of internal exploration like you have experienced in 2020 will naturally be followed by the external exploration of the new, true potentials that can begin to be discovered due to the energetic spaciousness you have spent the time creating within.

Do you see? The internal supports the external, the lull supports the flow, and growth and expansion is always occurring because each supports the other in equal measure. It is a glorious dance of love and interconnectedness that will always lead you to your next greatest discovery. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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