Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 4, 2015

We find it fascinating that so many human beings will go to such extremes to avoid sitting with their feelings. They distract themselves endlessly, filling every moment of each day with busyness, electronics, consuming themselves with other people’s behaviour, and various ways to numb themselves through substance abuse. As the emotions get louder and louder in their desire to be heard, the effort required to drown them out gets bigger and bigger. Over time, these people end up exhausted and ill, creating some kind of crisis in their lives that requires them to finally slow down.

Dear Ones, your emotions are not to be feared! They are wonderful indicators of what honours you, what you truly require, and who you really are. Why on earth would you want to deny the very things that allow you to express your delightful humanity? Your resistance to the emotions is what is causing you the discomfort, not the emotions themselves. Most emotions, just like you, are desiring to be heard and acknowledged, and then are happy to go on their merry way.

Many of you have blown up your emotions to be a far bigger deal than they need to be. Sit with them. Make friends with them. See they are not that scary after all! Honour them all and love both the emotion and the human that is feeling it, and you will find stillness surprisingly enjoyable. Once you lose your fear of what you might consider the less desirable emotions, you will discover the treasure trove of your delightful traits which will allow you to finally fall truly and madly in love with yourself, and that, Dear Ones, is what will create the self acceptance you’ve been looking for all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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