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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 25, 2017

Dear Ones, as the energies continue to expose what has been hidden and what needs to be addressed, many of you will be guided to take action to facilitate change. In the new energies even how you approach positive change is evolving.

Creating change in the new energies is shifting into what we call mindful activism. There is far less pushing against what is unwanted with mindful activism, and no shaming of others if they don’t take up the cause. There is an understanding that, just like everyone will find their own personal journey to enlightenment, so will they find their own perfect way to contribute and make a difference.

Mindful activism also opens the door for you to facilitate change by flowing with whatever your soul feels guided to. While some will be content to take up one cause, others may lend their love and support in many different ways, entering into surrendered service in motion, being led to however they can most be of help on any given day. Human beings who have surrendered into being of their highest service for the day are incredibly easy to place on the path of those who require their assistance. Sometimes their highest service that day is simply anchoring the energy of love and peace, lending support to the planet energetically.

However you contribute is divinely perfect for you, Dear Ones. However others feel guided to contribute is divinely perfect for them, as well. Some people may need to do more healing work for themselves before they can step fully into the service path that exists for them. Others may be more than ready to explore service and what matches them and their soul’s purpose.

Holding a space of love, encouragement, respect, and acceptance for however it unfolds will make it easier for others to find their way to being the love they wish to express. In fact, having many people expressing their service in a myriad of ways allows the helpers on the planet to be far more efficient in their efforts. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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