Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 8, 2014

Dear Ones, so many of you have been hurt in your relationships. In response to that, many of you block yourselves off from love in a desire to keep yourselves safe. We understand this seems like a perfectly logical response, but hear us when we say that pinching off from the love that you are is one of the most painful things you can ever experience. You ARE love. You come from love, and your natural state is to BE love. Isolation is not love. Fear is not love. Distrust is not love. Simply put, you cannot experience unity consciousness and separate yourself at the same time. To deny love is to deny yourself on the deepest level.

What has caused you pain has been the effects of someone operating outside of love. Or perhaps, you have found yourself behaving in ways in your previous relationships that were an indicator of being outside of the love that you are, yourself. If you are having difficulties, it is because you are not experiencing yourself as the love that you are. If you are allowing someone to abuse you, or, if you are not treating others as they deserve, you are no longer allowing love to lead the way.

Embrace love again. Fill yourself up with the endless wellspring of unconditional love that is available to you, and allow it to heal you, to fulfill you, until it spills out from you joyously. Use love as your new template. Make decisions based on what is allowing you to experience yourself as love. Allow those into your sacred inner circle who let their love lead the way. To do so will enable you to connect in ways that are safer, and far more satisfying, than you have experienced thus far. Make no mistake about it, Dear Ones, you are on the planet, above all else, to experience yourselves as the love you truly are. ~Archangel Gabriel

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