Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 9, 2013

The solitary time many enlightening human beings have experienced has been vital in getting them to honour themselves, and their preferences, particularly if they came from abusive backgrounds or had poor boundaries. Many human beings are in the body having service contracts and have a tendency to make all of their concern about others. Alone time gave them space to discover who they really are and what their true preferences are. From finally developing that level of comfort with who they really are, there is no chance anyone is ever again going to successfully tell them how to be or how to feel. For some, seclusion was completely necessary in order to find their authenticity. Now that many have found that authenticity, they are now stepping back out into the world for the next exciting phase of their journey. They may step out, retreat, step out, retreat, until they can hold their truth, their BEingness, wherever they are, regardless of circumstances. Do you see? The first phase was about finding your truth, which required a lack of distraction. The second is about learning to stay in that truth, even if there is distraction, because you are finally clear on who you truly are. ~Archangel Gabriel

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