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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 11, 2019

Dear Ones, you can embrace your light and still be diligent about your healing processes. And you don’t need to always be on high alert for what is wrong in order to do so.

If you are working with the surrender, faith, flow, trust model we call the Divine Combination, anything that needs healing, release, or your acknowledgment will come to the forefront to be dealt with. You can give it your loving attention and then recenter back into the light that you are.

The beautiful thing about this is that every single time you lovingly tend to your needs and then return home to the acknowledgment of your own beautiful light and innate wholeness, you expand your knowing of self which, in turn, supports the grand shift of consciousness on your planet.

This approach honours both your human self and your divine self which supports you in navigating to your highest potentials and experiences. It will not result in spiritual bypassing but rather in bypassing the fear and doubt that keep you in perpetual troubleshooting mode.

It allows you to be guided by an incredibly efficient system that is designed to naturally bring into your awareness anything you may need to address with the energetic support that comes with divine timing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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