Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 30, 2015

We encourage you to start to play with the concept of joyful creation. So many of your manifestation efforts are being attempted from a place of fear, lack, and disappointment. How can you create from such restrictive energies? Creation is meant to be fun, expansive and magical.

So we urge you to start over again. Ask the universe to bring you something that will make you laugh. Approach the world with the eyes of a child, and allow yourself to be delighted. As you start to see the magic that is all around you, you will embrace that expansive, co-creational flow and naturally stay in energies that can create profound change.

If you need extra support, why not invite your friends to join you in seeing the world with new eyes? Why not start a group to share The Magic That Happened To Me Today and before you know it you will all be focused on the richness, rather than lack, that exists all around you. Magic is always far more fun when shared, Dear Ones. ~Archangel Gabriel

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