Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 5, 2012

We often advise enlightening human beings to simply BE. We do not mean to just sit there unconsciously! No, far from it. The act of BEing means dropping all masks and illusions and sitting, feeling, BEing your true essence. When you BE, you are embracing your highest alignment and basking in your connection to Source. BEingness is a state of heightened awareness that allows you to find that marvellous place of balance and access your truth. To BE is to embrace who you really are, your authentic self, and to know how important you are to the process and to step out of the constructs of the 3D world. It is entering the space that understands that you and all things are interconnected and divinely perfect. It is through that BEingness that you are in your highest service by anchoring the very energies that are creating the New Earth. It is sacred space, available to you at any time and any place because it originates from you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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