Archangel Gabriel

Navigating New Energies ~ Channeled July 30, 2014

Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be with you yet again. It is delightful to meet with like-minded souls that are all committed to living their highest life expression, assisting the shift on your beloved planet, and co-creating the brand new age that you are now in. It is our great honour to be in your presence today. We celebrate you for coming to anchor the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time.

You are doing magnificently well. We understand that you are experiencing yourselves to be stepping into another level of brand new energies. We also understand that it can be somewhat trying as you are attempting to get used to how to navigate in these newest energies, and that is exactly what we would like to address for you today.

The energies will be ever evolving, Dear Ones. There is never going to be a time when the energies stop shifting. The very nature of your soul, the very nature of the universe, is to continue to expand and to grow. You are ever expanding beings, each and every one of you. Whether you are in the body, whether you are out of the body on the other side, you are always growing and expanding. That is your nature and that is to be celebrated.

You are never meant to stagnate. That is why, when you are resistant to movement, you get so uncomfortable. To resist is to create discomfort. Discomfort exists to stop people from being able to stagnate, or stay still, or resist growth for any significant amount of time.

It is very common for human beings, as they step into and start to experience a brand new energy, to hesitate, to stop, to expect it to look the same as all the energies that have gone before it. Change, as a general rule, can seem difficult for human beings. That is because the ego self, the operating system of the human being, is very resistant to change. It wants to stay in control, it wants things to stay the same.

And yet, your spirit, your soul self is always seeking to grow and expand and have further experiences. This is why duality has been so difficult for so many of you – it has been a perpetual tug of war, never quite being comfortable in either approach. This is exactly why you are now gaining skills on how to move through energies with a far greater grace and ease, comfort and enjoyment, now that you are all evolving beyond the old divided operating system of duality.

The way to do that is to allow your soul self, your higher self, to take the lead, and you do that through surrender, faith, flow and trust. We have been speaking extensively about the importance of surrender and flow for years now. The reason why we have been introducing surrender and flow to you all was because it is the operating system of the enlightening human being. It is how to navigate any new energy. It matters not what the energy stamp is of whatever new energy you are being presented with at any given time. It is the way to move with and work with the higher dimensional energies.

So you will hear from many sources that you are really into some unprecedented energies on your planet. You have not worked with this level of light as a human being on your planet, ever. These are unprecedented times and you are becoming experts of navigating change. Not only that, you are co-creating the change. You are creating the change. Let us say that again. You are creating the change.

Many of you think that the change is happening to you, but we would beg to differ. It is the collective of humanity that is driving the change on your planet right now. You are the ones who are creating the change, you are the ones who are shifting and transmuting energies, you are the ones who are anchoring the energies on your planet, you are the ones supporting the grid, you are the ones who are choosing the change. You are the ground crew!

Do you understand what we are saying? You are creating the change and then, ironically, resisting the change! Do you see how that is not in your best interests if you are looking for comfort? The way to navigate any change on your planet from this moment forward is the way it has always been best to navigate change. It is through surrender, faith, flow and trust.

Your faith is already in place or else you wouldn’t be listening to this transmission. When you surrender you are choosing to work and create and navigate through your highest self. Not only that, you are choosing to navigate with all the assistance that exists in the universe for you, that is at your fingertips at all times. It matters not when you are in surrender and flow whether the old way works or not, because you will intuitively be led to exactly what will work in that right now moment.

Let the truth of that settle down into every cell and particle of your being. It is through surrender and flow that you will easily navigate whatever the energies are doing at any given time. You are navigating through your heart centres. You are navigating through your love. You are navigating through your intention. You are navigating through your intuition. Why do you think you’ve been in the process of developing all those aspects of yourselves all this time?

It is not that there is a cruel universe playing a joke on you saying, “Haha! We will throw new energies at them. This should really throw them into a tizzy!” You are in change of how you handle the energies. And yes, you will find them easier as time goes on because you will develop great skill at just being able to effortlessly flow with whatever works at any given moment.

So give up the attachment to the idea that a healing modality will work the same way every day. It may not. Give up the idea that connecting with your guides will be the same every day. The energies are always in flux. You may hear them brilliantly at one level of meditation one day and you may hear them, loud as can be, when you are cooking your dinner another day. But if you surrender with intention to connect, guess what? You are going to find where that place is.

This is starting to allow your own mastery to take the lead. This is you being able to move forward through change fearlessly. Know that all your supports are in place, that you have all the skills that you need. Release the idea that change and moving into anything new is hard work and stressful. Why can’t change be joyful? Welcomed, even? You want peace on your planet. Guess what will bring it? Change. You want perfect health. If you don’t have it right now, what will bring it for you? Change. You want your divine love relationships. What will bring that to you, Dear Ones? Change! You want change! Change is good! Change is what is going to move you into living the life expressions of your dreams.

You have the skills already to do this. What if you got up every single day and decided, today I surrender to being of my greatest service and navigating whatever energies there are with grace and ease, gratitude and enjoyment, fun and joy, and with lots of love. If you are allowing your heart centres, your intuitiveness, your soul selves, and all of your guides and helpers to lead you where you want to go, you can never, ever, ever get it wrong.

When you commit to surrendering and flowing every single day you can rest assured that you are always exactly where you are meant to be, having the highest possible experience. It takes all the second-guessing out of things, doesn’t it?

There will be many people who will be becoming uncomfortable from trying to control energies that will not stay still. You are not one of them. You are here to step into your mastery and to demonstrate the different way of doing things. How about sailing on top of the energies? How about spinning joyfully and playing and having fun in the energies? It’s all available to you, Dear Ones, you just have to choose.

You are ready. This is what this whole enlightenment process that you’ve been in for so long has been for. It has been giving you the skills – now is the time to use them. That is the trust piece. Trusting that your guides are always there to assist, and trusting that you are ready to start navigating whatever comes your way with mastery, grace and ease.

When you allow your highest selves to take the lead in such a way, you are choosing the path of unity and unconditional love, and that is what is going to create all of the changes that you so wish to experience on your beloved planet. This is what we wished to share with you today. Know that you are remarkable, and celebrated, and loved beyond measure. It has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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