Daily Message ~ Friday April 24, 2015

There is a conditioning that exists in many of you that has been reinforced by many generations of your ancestors. This was the us vs them mindset, that was created by the suffering of the masses and was perpetuated by those who were using power to keep people disempowered. People bonded together by their lack, by their victim consciousness, by their discomfort. It became a means of unity within separation, a way of connecting, that people sought to find comfort from.

This is still continued by many human beings to this day. People meet and the first thing they do is to start sharing how hard their life is for them. They do this to gain acceptance and to unify with others, lest they seem to be the same as those who seek to keep the masses small and uncomfortable. This is one of the main reasons, to this day, that people are reluctant to share their joys and successes with others.

Dear Ones, what if you saw other’s successes as a sure sign that success is coming to you, too? What if you celebrated others growth and joy as your own? What if you bonded over what was right and wonderful in your lives the second you saw each other? What if you saw the universe as completely abundant with more than enough for everyone?

We will tell you what would happen. You would finally be stepping into your authentic power and unity consciousness that is based on creation and what you wish to experience more of. You would move out of judgment and into unconditional love, experiencing other’s joy as your own. You would all be encouraging and uplifting each other, and finally, finally shrugging off the habit of playing it small and living in worry and lack. You would shine, without fear, which would allow your lives to improve and evolve in marvellous ways.

Isn’t it time? Isn’t it time for you to create a safe place for each other to share and shine, finally demonstrating that the success of the one is the success of the all? ~Archangel Gabriel

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