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Daily Message ~ Friday August 13, 2021

We have spoken quite extensively about the reintegration of any unhealed aspects of self as being an essential step on your evolutionary journey, and we are so pleased that many of you have been doing that work. What we would like to point out today is the importance of making changes that support those fragments settling into safety and staying within the whole.

The reintegration process is not going to give you lasting results if you continue on with the same beliefs or behaviours that caused those aspects to split in the first place. The first step is the recognition you have unhealed aspects. The second step is acknowledging them, listening to them and giving them what they needed but never got. The third step is welcoming them back Home into your energetics as part of the whole that is you. And the last step is creating a new environment that supports their wellness and reintegration.

For your continued success in this healing, it is important to address any old belief systems, unconscious behaviours, or habits that created the fragmentation in the first place. Being aware of the wellness needs of those very sensitive and fragile parts of you is essential. How can you create and sustain a safe place for them for them to trust, shine, and thrive?

You will break out of old unconscious conditioning by simply asking before you proceed with any decision, “Is this action respecting and supporting my newly integrated aspects, my healing, my expansion, and my intended state of being?” This one powerhouse of a question will bring you clarity every single time, and will support you in discovering how you always have the ability to be your own loving guide and shepherd.

It may seem awkward at first to stop and ask questions, but it is essential to creating new habits and ways of being and before you know it you will just naturally choose actions that support your truest intentions. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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