Daily Message ~ Friday August 4, 2017

We encourage you to embrace being the creators and pioneers of your life expression. It is important to have clarity on what your dreams and desires truly are. This gives you a pure and undiluted energetic emanation which can then lead the way to your next great adventure and expression of self.

How do you know you have clarity on what you wish to experience? A helpful question can be, “What would I do if I did not know any other people in the world?” Many human beings have a tendency to temper their dreams for fear of judgment or wanting to please others.

If the answer to that question differs from what you have been focusing on thus far, you may wish to delve deeper into what your truest desires are. You can then find a new dream that far better honours you as well as how you wish to show up for others.

Remember, Dear Ones, if you do try something and you do not like it, you can always try again. That is the beauty of being in the realm of experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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