Daily Message ~ Friday March 6, 2015

Dear Ones, when it comes to your love relationships you are putting so much pressure on yourselves! You want to find the soulmate, the twinflame, and anything less will simply not do. While we honour you for wanting to experience the highest aspects of love, wishing to place labels on relationships can become problematic and have an contrary effect on what you are wishing to create. Let us explain.

Your true and highest relationships come from two complete wholes, joining together to create an even greater whole. Often times, your yearning for a twinflame relationship is still looking for an external to make you whole, or hoping to be rescued. If you have not yet stepped into a deep, unconditional love relationship with yourself, it is unlikely you will draw to yourselves this type of relationship.

Humans love to define and label things! Putting a label on your relationship can be putting a lot of expectation on something before it has even begun. Love is a flow. It wishes to grow and expand, and self define, as it becomes its own unique blend of energies between the two partners. Expectations and labels can impede that creation process, and unnecessarily restrict and pressure your relationship. Seeking such definition can be a means of trying to control a situation. It is looking for guarantees before you fully commit to a situation.

It can also be a means of perpetuating separation consciousness (my relationship is better or more sacred than anyone else’s). The true twinflame unions are truly that, about union. They are anchoring in unconditional love, unity consciousness and service. They would find no need to label themselves as being different or better, they are simply about the energy of love. There is a calm acceptance, a knowingness, a beingness, that would not require such definition. Do you see? It is like enlightenment. Once someone truly reaches a state of enlightenment, it is not something to be declared but a state of beingness. It exists beyond the need for definition or announcement.

We are not for a second saying that these types of relationships don’t exist! We are simply saying that you would get much more satisfaction from releasing the labels and expectations and intending to find the highest vibrational relationship available to you. Let your relationships bloom and grow into their full potential. Let your highest vibration lead the way. Embrace love as an aspect of surrender, flow, and divinity in all forms, and you will start to see the love you’ve been seeking exists for everyone. ~Archangel Gabriel

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