Daily Message – Monday April 16

Are you accepting all of the love and joy and riches the universe has to offer you, or are you excepting them? Because you are equally able to do either. It is simply a matter of what you are allowing. We cannot stress this enough. You are all stewards of the New Earth and you are all absolutely entitled and encouraged to live a life of grace and ease, beauty and joy, however that looks to you. You simply cannot step into that role of Creator Self if you are still stuck in worthiness issues, fear or doubt. Don’t you think it is time to step beyond those old disempowering energies once and for all? It is like you are at a buffet and are refusing to fill your plates! Don’t be afraid, you are far too evolved to fall into gluttony or make bad choices. Trust yourselves to live abundantly and know that you are safe and supported in those choices.
~Archangel Gabriel

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