Daily Message ~ Monday April 18, 2016

Dear Ones, some of you may notice recurring themes in your life. This does not mean that you are missing a message, are bad or stupid, or are being tested. It merely means you have chosen this theme as an area you would like to experience and gain some mastery of during this life expression.

A theme will often loop back around periodically in your life. Think of it as the universe saying, “What do you think about this now?” It is for you to decide your approach based on where you are now on your path. Many of you have grown so much that you can see the theme with brand new eyes. It can be a marvellous indicator of growth to experience it in a brand new way, that matches who you have grown into.

A certain theme will also loop around to ensure you have many, many opportunities to master it, as there is no guarantee you will do that first time around. It is not there to continue to torture you, rather to ensure that you have plenty of access to it whenever you may feel you would like to gain the growth and the experience. You often plan things in your life in such a way, taking into account the wild card of free will.

If you can honour patterns as simply opportunities for experience, you can start to see them as being much like a theatrical production that tours through your area every once in a while. You might like to immerse yourself in it the first time around and then decide that you have already seen it and don’t feel the need to sit through it again. Or you may decide that it is such a profound event for you you’d like to see it over and again, because each time you do you get something new from it.

If you take this approach it is unlikely you will fall to your knees, crying, “Not this show again! Why, universe, why?!” You will simply participate, or not, depending on what feels right for you in the moment. You can stay balanced and grateful for the many opportunities that always abound for you, knowing you are the one who decides what you wish to do with them as the director of experience of your own life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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