Daily Message ~ Monday December 14, 2015

Dear Ones, do you know what brings you joy? What you are passionate about? What makes your heart sing? Sadly, many of you have been so consumed with duty and caring for others, that your own joyful activities have gone by the wayside.

If you do not know what brings you joy, it is your sacred mission, right now, to figure that out. An easy way to get some clarity is to go to a book store or library and browse up and down every aisle. Where you linger the longest is an indicator of where your interests lay. This is an excellent way of discovering what draws you without investing a large amount of money and time.

We encourage you to decide right now, before the start of a new year, to actively pursue pastimes that make your heart happy, allow you to feel fully present, and honour your own interests. If you understand that following your passions puts you into alignment with your soul and Source energy, there is no such thing as being too busy do so.

Don’t pressure yourself to find the perfect activity or to excel at it. Enjoyment is the indicator of success in this situation, so try many things and if you don’t like something, try something else! It is a embarking on grand voyage of self discovery and joyful expansion, that you simply cannot get wrong. ~Archangel Gabriel

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