Daily Message ~ Monday February 23, 2015

Deep inside of you, you always know the right answer to any decision you need to make. If you are having trouble listening to that inner voice, there is still a wounded part of you making its presence known. As your own loving parent, identify what that is, and integrate it back into wholeness by giving yourself whatever love, nurturing or reassurance is necessary. Then look at the decision you need to make again.

If you are operating your life through the lens of unconditional love and authentic power, identifying and making the highest choice for you will become easier and easier, and result in a smoother, more satisfying life expression. The key is not to ignore, or through your will, override the wounded part of self, but to acknowledge it, honour it, and give it exactly what it needs until all parts of you are on board with willingly moving in the same empowered direction. ~Archangel Gabriel

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