Daily Message ~ Monday June 22, 2015

A great many of you have reached a state where you can be in a place of mastery, peace and balance when you are on your own, and that is a wonderful foundation you have created for yourselves! As you are always growing and evolving, you may find yourself being presented with opportunities to express that mastery in new areas now. Perhaps you will find yourself in a new relationship, new surroundings, or new circumstances beyond your old comfort zone to begin to practice that same mastery and balance in new, expanded ways.

You might consider this being challenged, but really, it is simply an opportunity for you to take what you know and apply it in much grander ways. It is a way for you to express your truth, to apply what you know, to walk your talk, to see how far you have come and to teach by your wonderful example! We understand that you may consider yourself being tested, but nothing could be further from the truth. You are simply expanding your circle and moving back out into the world to get to experience how far you’ve come, and to express love, acceptance, compassion and unity in a more tangible way.

Almost all seekers end up moving from a period of solitude to reconnecting with others again. It is the next natural phase of your mastery, and a testimony to the work you have done. ~ Archangel Gabriel

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