Daily Message ~ Monday June 29, 2015

Think of young children stood in front of an easel, given paints, brushes and a blank paper to create on. They immediately think what they wish to create, grab the brush and start to paint with abandon. They do not worry about getting it wrong. They simply enter into the flow of what they would like to express, and go with it. They also know that if they do not like what they have created, they can simply get a new paper and create again. There is no hesitation, no agonizing about getting it wrong, just pure expression, and every person who looks at their creation praises what they have done and accepts it.

You could learn much from your children! Joyfully create with abandon! Know that whatever you have made, if it is displeasing to you in any way, can be discarded and you can create again. Embrace experience and self expression. Give yourself permission to be the creative genius of your life and know that whatever you decide to do with it is perfect for you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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