Daily Message ~ Monday May 15, 2017

Do you believe grace and ease are available to you? Have you adopted struggle as a way of life, or as somehow necessary before you become worthy enough to receive? Do you have an expectation of hard?

What you believe is what is available to you. You create through alignment. The old paradigm has always been if you work hard enough you will gain reward. Why this seemed to be a working model is because once you had worked to a level or standard that you believed was enough, you would then shift into a space of allowing and acceptance. You would then let yourself receive.

Do you see? It is about alignment. It is about what you believe is possible, and that usually goes right to your beliefs about your worthiness. Do you believe you are worthy to receive? If not, why? Do you not think your many lifetimes of effort, or your continued growth and expansion this lifetime is enough? If you feel the need to keep proving yourself, it is telling you you don’t feel worthy just as you are. What if we told you that you did not need to do one thing in order to be worthy?

Dear Ones, abundance is your birthright. You are divine beings, individuated aspects of Source energy. You are part of all that is. Your enlightenment process is truly about letting go of your limitations and embracing that truth, and with that comes your acknowledgment of your own divinity and innate worthiness, and from there embracing your ability to create.

Why not start to play with the energies of grace and ease and joyful creation? It is as available to you as every other option. All that is waiting is for you to believe it and start to allow it to be your truth and claim it as your new and preferred way of operating. ~Archangel Gabriel

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