Daily Message ~ Monday October 24, 2016


We speak so much of the importance of love. But what is love really? Why is it such a big deal?

Love is the sustenance of your soul. It is where you came from, and where you will always return. It is the great expander, healer, unifier, and connector. It is your reunion with Source energy, and how you express your own divinity. It is the constancy, the comfort, the safety, the acceptance you all yearn for.

When you come into the body to have a singular life experience, you perceive yourself as separate from the love of Source. The spiritual journey is about finding your way back into reunion with that love, and discovering that you are an individuated aspect of that love.

Simply put, love is your truth, your lineage, and the more you embrace that fact about yourself, the more authentic and satisfying your life will become, for every single time you choose to love, you are honouring your true purpose in the most magnificent way. ~Archangel Gabriel

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