Daily Message ~ Saturday August 13, 2016


So many of you yearn for peace. If your inner peace seems elusive to you, we urge you to look at your life to see your choices support the peace you crave. It is hard to feel peaceful or joyful if you are working at a job you don’t enjoy, if you are surrounded by people who don’t honour you, or continuing in activities that keep you in a painful place.

What can you do, right now, that would be a demonstration of your desire to shift your life in the direction you want and deserve? It doesn’t need to be grandiose to show your intention. Perhaps you can start to meditate, take a class to learn something that interests you, or simply take some you time. So many of you have created lives of duty with very little consideration to your own satisfaction.

Dear Ones, we implore you to start to create a life you love, that honours you as much as you honour others, for as you create a life that allows you to experience peace and satisfaction within yourselves, you support the creation of more peace on the planet. Again we say the ascension process is a revolution of one soul at a time anchoring empowered change through preference and choice. ~Archangel Gabriel

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