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Daily Message ~ Saturday February 10, 2018

When you make yourself wrong all the time, you are practicing resistance to yourself. How on earth can you grow and thrive if you are negating yourself, your feelings, or your own wisdom?

We understand that you are mindful and empathic, so you like to be sure before you proceed in any given area. Those are wonderful traits to have, but what we wish is that you consciously start to trust and honour your feelings.

So many of you are in a pattern of feeling something energetically, and then denying it to be sure, or giving your power away by listening to someone else’s opinion, rather than allowing yourself to be assume your role of being the expert on you. No one else knows your soul agenda, what you wish to experience, or what are the perfect energetic matches for you.

So you deny what you feel because you want to be sure, or you don’t want to disappoint anyone, feeling deeper and deeper discomfort for yourself, creating a battle between your mind and your heart, until it becomes impossible to stay in that energy one moment longer and you finally have to move on what you have felt was right for you all along. You could save yourselves so much time and angst if you simply started to accept and trust yourselves.

We are not for a second recommending that you should behave recklessly. You have already shown that is not in your nature. What we are suggesting is that you feel into what is right for you with your mindful and sensitive hearts and then honour the wisdom that is within you that is always fully capable of navigating you.

With a little practice you will start to find that you can move forward in your life expressions with far greater grace and ease if you accept your divine capability as your own empowered leader. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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