Daily Message ~ Saturday June 25, 2016


There has been this insidious belief that has been conditioned into you that says you are not ready to handle freedom. Freedom and authentic power go hand in hand. Together they embrace your divine capability as a co-creator of your own life expression, as well as the great shift that is happening on your planet.

And yet, even though you may fear stepping into your authentic power, every time anything infringes upon your freedom, you will feel your own energetics rising up against that. Dear Ones, that should tell you that not only are you ready to assume your own authentic power and do wonderful things with your freedom, it is absolutely essential for your comfort and self expression.

Again, you are shrugging off the last vestiges of what has held you back from fully embracing your truth and your own divinity. It is through embracing your freedom and authenticity that you will finally allow yourself to be and do everything that is in line with your soul’s desires. It will allow you to divinely express beyond limitation, to add immeasurably to the mosaic of the whole. It will help you you to discover and embrace the beauty and the light that you truly are, in ways that support and serve beyond anything you could have thought possible. Freedom facilitates the unfoldment and deep satisfaction that comes from honouring the soul in your greatest expression of self. ~Archangel Gabriel

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