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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 3, 2018

We have a surrender experiment to propose for you today. Why not surrender into being of your highest service at the start of your day and see what happens?

This is a wonderful exercise for it shows that your service does not need to be grandiose. You may notice that a person may ask you the time or to reach something down from a high shelf if you are in a store. You may run into someone who simply needed a hug or an encouraging word. As a non-resistant human being willing to make a difference, you will be led to many ways you can make a positive difference.

This is not about saving the world all on your own, but rather being willing to show up for loving acts of service in the way that will best serve you and others. And you may be so surprised to discover the many ways small acts can make big differences!

If you surrender into being of your highest service and not one thing happens, it does not mean you did it wrong. It simply means that your highest service that day was simply being a non-resistant being of love who was willing to help, and that best occurred by holding the energy which was being an energetic support to the grids and your planet.

Do you see? Surrendering into service takes the guess work out of things. It allows you to see the myriad of ways you can make a difference right now in simple and loving ways. And that, Dear Ones, is how you can step into beautiful and joyful service by willingly moving with the flow of highest potential on any given day. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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