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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 30, 2020

Your unexpressed emotions, particularly anger and frustration, when repressed, can result in a deep sadness. For many of you on a spiritual journey, you have suppressed these emotions, deeming them “unspiritual”.

As you prepare to step forward into the next phase of your journey, many of you are in the finishing stages of a profound review of the first phase of your incarnation. This will allow you to disengage from old timelines and let the past go, embracing the growth and lessons learned and leaving the rest behind, much like you would a pastlife. As the process of review moves from the present back to birth, the phase many of you are working through is early childhood.

We urge you to take the time to connect with your child self and honour, protect, love, and integrate any aspect that has not received what it is needed. Allow that aspect of you to have all of its emotions and love and support it through that experience. Let it know they were normal, and justified, and nothing to be denied or feel shame from.

When you give yourself permission to acknowledge needs that were not met and develop skills you needed but were not taught, you can release those emotions in a safe way. Understand that those who were taking care of you back then simply didn’t know the importance of those emotions and were trying to lead you to the best of their abilities.

It is never too late to go back and give yourself what you didn’t get. Please know there is tremendous love and support available for you through it all. Your guides, angels, and the ascended masters are always available to give you whatever additional help you may feel you need through this process. We are only a request away.

The relief from moving out of resistance to yourself, along with the acknowledgment and release of those emotions, will create much more space for you to embody who you really are and to create anew in far more joyful, present, and empowered ways. It is profound inner work that will be reflected in all aspects of your outer world. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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