Daily Message ~ Saturday October 1, 2016


Trust is one of the major aspects the enlightening human being must develop in order to move fully into their full potential as a co-creator. Trust is what allows you to develop a deep and profound relationship with Source. Faith and trust together allow you to start to experience yourself as safe and beloved. This experience of safety gives you the confidence to shine, to evolve, and to fully utilize the help that is available to you. It keeps you in the flow long enough for the universe to serve you, and experience the magic of how loved and provided for you always are.

Yet trust is one of the most difficult things for human beings to do. Why is this? Because the ego self, the part of you that wishes to keep you small and is invested in things staying the same, likes control and its greatest tool for control is doubt, the opposite of trust. You might think of doubt as being what anchors stagnation, with trust being the anchor of creation.

So how can you stay in trust? Faith and trust work well together. If you are feeling doubt, you are not in alignment with your highest self, so realigning into that connection through prayer or meditation can be very helpful. Reassure your ego. Let it know it will always play an important part on your life path and that you will include it and love it and bring it with you no matter what. Give it a job. Tell it you are going to do an experiment with creation and it can observe what is going on. Also, remember, your ego will often activate when you are about to break through to a new level of expansion. See your ego as a growth detector, as letting you know something important is going on. Assume the role of reassurer and loving guide to that fearful part of yourself.

Making a trust journal can be very helpful. All enlightening human beings have had profound experiences. Keep track of them! Write them down. Every time the universe delivers to you – every time it brings something to you with ease, gives you a sign or synchronicity – every time you feel the magic of it working for you, write it down. Then go back and review the successes you have already had if you are experiencing a moment of doubt. It will quickly remind you why it is safe for you to trust.

Dear Ones, as you continue to move forward on your enlightenment journeys and start to know yourself as part of the divine energy of Source, you will start to ultimately see that trusting the universe is trusting in yourself, and vice versa. You are part of that greater whole, and all the wonder that comes with it. All you must do is place yourself in the position of acceptance long enough to receive all it has to give you, and it is faith and trust that allows you to do just that. ~Archangel Gabriel

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