Daily Message ~ Saturday October 8, 2016


Human beings often feel a compulsion to do something, anything, in order to try to have control over a situation. But if a situation is in flux, it is because it is evolving and that is a process.

If you are unsure what to do, it is far wiser to wait and allow the energies their unfoldment. Before you know it, you will have more details and greater clarity on how to proceed. You can appease your inner doer by recognizing that deciding to wait until you have more information is still doing something and is an empowered choice.

You are in fast moving energies, Dear Ones, with much being churned up and much to be discovered yet. Staying in an open surrendered state will make sure you are poised and ready to move in the best possible way once the energies clearly align to point you in the direction of your highest results. We assure you, you will not miss any opportunities waiting for all of the elements to come together. ~Archangel Gabriel

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