Daily Message ~ Sunday January 29, 2017


The enlightenment process, really, is about shifting beyond the old systems of control, or false power, into the freedom of your own divinity, or authentic power. It is a shift that is profound as it requires the dismantling of years and lifetimes of old conditioning.

Those who are not yet feeling ready to assume that responsibility for self will seek out people who are strongly authoritative to lead them, for that is what will perpetuate what they have always known. But your soul always seeks freedom and expansion, and will ultimately wish to evolve beyond that old paradigm.

People make the move from false power into authentic power in many different ways. Some are able to listen to the inner yearnings of their soul and start to shift strictly through that internal process. Many others will need to find their way to authentic power by first exploring what it is not, in order to get clarity on what it really is, to allow them to honour their soul agendas and develop new, much more evolved beliefs about power.

Dear Ones, hear us when we say that whatever way you find your way to a deeper understanding of power, it is all ultimately forward movement. It is good that power is at the forefront of your consciousness, for it shows that the masses are no longer lulled into complacency. This shows great change and evolution has begun.

What is most important to remember as the winds of change continue to blow, is that there is no one more powerful than you to continue to create and express yourself in your ever evolving journey of self.
Listen to your inner knowingness, your own divine spark, and know that your alignment and innate wisdom as an individuated aspect of Source energy is all that is required to continue to move you forward during this grand shift on your planet, as the benevolent leader of your own life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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