Daily Message ~ Sunday March 20, 2016

Many of you, particularly those on the planet with service contracts, are most comfortable with giving but have a great deal of difficulty receiving. How you navigate your relationships with others and yourself is changing, as you start to focus more on balance and shifting into unconditional love and unity consciousness.

Dear Ones, it is out of balance to serve everyone and deny yourselves. It is essential that you start to dance with the flow of love, which means both giving AND receiving. It is time to step forward and accept all that you deserve and to give others the experience of the joy of loving and serving you.

The willingness to both give and receive, to serve and be served, to love and be loved, to honour and be honoured, is vital to the creation of the unconditional love templates that you are in the process of forming. These new templates will transform how relationships are experienced on your planet, and hold the space for divine partnership to occur. ~Archangel Gabriel

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