Daily Message ~ Sunday March 27, 2016

We would like to say that your ascension symptoms could be seen merely as growing pains. Think of a child that is having a growth spurt. They have a greater need for sleep, they may be irritable, the may eat a lot, they may have aches and pains. You respond by giving them exactly what they need, reassuring them, and focusing on the positive aspect of it, growth, in a matter of fact way.

The same it is for you with your evolution. So many of you have wanted tangible proof of the Shift that is occurring on your planet. Most of you would agree that it is undeniable that something profound is happening energetically. As with all things, the Shift occurs internally before it is experienced in an external fashion. The child has the symptoms and then you can actually see the growth. The same it is with your planet.

These are wonderful and glorious times! We urge you to joyfully embrace the process with wonder and gratitude for these are the exact times your soul has contracted to experience and couldn’t wait to be a part of. ~Archangel Gabriel

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