Daily Message ~ Sunday May 1, 2016

Dear Ones, do you realize there is a big difference between laziness and the path of ease? Many of you deny yourself ease because you are mistakenly seeing it as laziness.

Laziness is a term that was created to shame people into doing more. It suggests constant hard work is noble, where resting is not. The work, work, work model kept people from having the time to connect with self, and created exhaustion. It was a very out of balance model. Laziness is a term of shame and judgment, two energies that are designed to control others.

What if you replaced work with creation? Can you feel how one feels heavy and hard and the other light, flowy and supported? As you step into being a co-creator and embracing experience, you will not only activate your path of ease, you will become far more balanced, satisfied and efficient than ever before. You will have more time to connect with Source, with yourself, and with others, and will find yourself having a far more enjoyable life experience than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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