Daily Message ~ Sunday May 15, 2016

The universe is always presenting you with ideas and opportunities. Think of the universe holding something up to you and asking, “This?” You, as the creator of your life expression, get to say yes, or to move on. You give your approval through your focus, choice, and appreciation.

Your life is much like a buffet. You will always have a myriad of options you can choose from. You get to decide what you put on your plate and what you leave behind. You certainly don’t have to stay there wailing, “Oh no, there’s tomatoes again! WHY does there have to be tomatoes every time I go to a buffet?!” They are there because some people like them, but it doesn’t mean they ever have to be part of your personal experience if you don’t want them to be.

The universe is not out to vex you, Dear Ones, or test you, or try you. The world is filled with enough options to satisfy the billions of souls on your planet. There is not something innately wrong with you that needs fixing if you keep drawing tomatoes into your experience. Feel free to move beyond whatever is not a match to you, but understand it is a blessing to live in such a diverse world that can serve everyone’s needs. ~Archangel Gabriel

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