Daily Message ~ Sunday November 13, 2016


The question has been asked, “How do I love unconditionally? Why do I find it so hard?” We would like to address that today.

If you are not loving unconditionally, that means you are loving conditionally. Conditional love is what the vast majority of you have experience with – the idea that if you are good enough the reward is love, and if you are less than good enough love will be withdrawn. This is a system with judgment at its core.

The antidote to judgment is acceptance. You find your way to acceptance by recognizing that each and every person is the expert of their own unique path with their own to-do list of desired experiences. Acceptance acknowledges that each person is divinely capable and loved and guided just as you are, even if they are making choices different than what you would choose for yourself. It also recognizes that you are not qualified to know what others are on the planet to experience.

Dear Ones, if you can come to understand that you are in the body to have the myriad of experiences only a physical incarnation can offer you, and that each of you are adding immeasurably to the whole and are truly incapable of messing things up because all movement is ultimately forward movement, you will find it far easier to love others exactly where they are. You will honour others, however they present, as divinely perfect beings in their own right, and place the focus on the one thing that you do have control over, which is yourselves.

When your expectations of others are replaced with respect, encouragement, and honouring the sacredness of each unique path, you become a person who supports the true expression of each soul, which is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give another. Your acceptance, faith, and trust allows you to become the unconditionally loving being you seek to be, anchoring the energies of Home in a way that truly supports everyone in their highest expression of self. ~Archangel Gabriel

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