Daily Message ~ Sunday September 27, 2015

Dear Ones, we encourage you to think of yourselves within these shifting times as being part of an orchestra. There are so many different notes and vibrations coming together to create the vibrational masterpiece that is the ascension of you and your beloved planet. Just like you could not say one instrument makes the orchestra, there is no one energy that is responsible for the amazing times you are experiencing, rather, the delightful melding of the energetic whole.

You are all pivotal and adding immeasurably to the beauty of the shift, and the entire universe is responding with loving support. It is a model of unity consciousness far beyond what you can imagine, but hear us when we say that you have already been playing in those energies far longer than you have realized. It is all happening because of you – the fearless wayshowers, the tender, mindful and courageous human beings, who dare to dream and allow their divine truth and beauty to lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel

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