Daily Message ~ Thursday August 3, 2017

In older times, if someone wished to embrace a spiritual path it often involved cloistering themselves. The belief was that you needed to separate yourself from society in order to devote yourself to your practice.

As so many of you are old souls, you have had many, many experiences with that practice. So when you started your enlightenment process on earth, it felt natural to seclude yourself in order to focus on that process. That is what your soul had done, time and again, over the course of your many lifetimes.

As you are stepping into the second phase of your incarnation, that need to cloister yourself is being left behind. You are now ready to embody your energetics beautifully while being in the world, in a state of connection with others.

While the time of solitude served you well, the great joy will be in moving beyond that self imposed seclusion into experiencing yourself authentically no matter what the circumstances because your attainment is not dependant on any external factors.

More and more you will be able to hold your balance, regardless of where people are on their own personal paths, or what dramas may be playing out around you. You will simply be the light, bringing your energy wherever you go, being of active service through your beingness, and that, Dear Ones, is a magnificent thing to behold and the next natural phase of your evolution. ~Archangel Gabriel

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